Sprouts & Blooms Kids Yoga

Tuesday’s at 4:30pm
Nurture Yoga Barre

Yoga is for everyone! This class helps kids of all ages develop by using their energy to make funny noises, while learning to relax through mindful focus. We will bring fun, flexibility & self-confidence into each sprouting pose, while learning to move, breathe, & bloom, connecting mind to body. Are you ready to sprout & bloom? Siblings are two for one (student rates)

Family Yoga

First Tuesday of the month at 4:30pm (during Sprouts & Blooms)
Nurture Yoga Barre

This class is designed for the WHOLE family! Parents, grandparents, cousins, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and everyone in between! Classes are planned to function for children between 2-10, but will offer the challenge of stillness and teach the value of mindfulness, breathing, and exercise in playful, practical ways, so anyone of any age is welcome! Bring your family and your childlike spirit to build strength, improve balance and flexibility while exploring concepts of gratitude, compassion, cooperation, and FUN as a family!

Warm Energy Flow

Tuesday’s at 5:45pm
Nurture Yoga Barre

This class features an all-levels, lively, vinyasa class designed to leave you feeling energized! The flow is a moderately paced, invigorating flow synchronizing breath with movement. 

Mommy & Me Baby Yoga

Wednesdays at 12pm
Nurture Yoga Barre
A wonderful way to connect both emotionally and physically with your baby, or a baby in your care! At mommy-and-me class, you’ll help your baby with simple stretches to engage and stimulate the mind and body of your little yogi! It’s a safe and structured way to engage with your baby and a little TLC for your body. We’ll practice simple meditation, mindful breathing, and focused stretches to gently boost strength, while practicing classic poses to help open up the shoulders and chest, which helps when you rock and cradle your baby. It is a healthy, playful activity you and your baby can enjoy together.

Kids Yoga

Wednesdays at 6pm
Roots Yoga

Mindfulness mixed with playfulness! Designed for kids 3-10 years old, but open to kids of all ages, we practice yoga together, exploring poses, flows, games, and stories that fit a particular theme, like surfing, ninjas, or roller coasters! The kids enjoy challenges, like plank, boat, chair, or corpse pose challenges, and every class brings our lessons together with creative, playful activities like drawing, coloring, painting, blowing bubbles, or playing games!

Slow Flow

Wednesday’s at 8pm
The Balancing Flamingo Yoga Lounge

End your evening with an hour of “me time,” relaxation, and healing at The Balancing Flamingo Yoga Lounge! Reduce stress & anxiety while improving your flexibility and circulation. You will be guided through peaceful, powerful, slow paced yoga flow that will allow your heart and mind to calm, open, and relax. You’ll move from pose to pose gently, creating space through lengthening and stretching your body, while allowing your breath to connect each movement together fluidly. You’ll then flow into a restorative series of postures, ending with a relaxing meditation, full savasana with lavender scented eye pillows. This class is appropriate for all skill levels, even those who have never tried yoga. You will leave class feeling refreshed, renewed, and restored – and your body will thank you for taking this hour for important self-care.

Vino & Vinyasa

Friday’s at 6:30pm
The Balancing Flamingo Yoga Lounge

“In case you’re unfamiliar with Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga, they’re basically a yogi’s eight-step guide to leading a meaningful life. The first two limbs, Yama and Niyama, are about integrity and self-discipline, respectively. Asana (movement) and Pranayama (breath) don’t even come into play until the third and fourth limbs, which just goes to show how much of a spiritual practice yoga really is. And yet, I’m going to defend wine here: If goats, wine, or nudity bring you closer to Pratyahara (limb number five, loosely translated to “withdrawal from the wild stress-ball of a world we live in”), then shouldn’t it be OK to incorporate them into your yoga practice? I say, YUP.” (Source here)

Join me every Friday at 6:30pm beginning November 1, 2019 for Vino Vinyasa at The Balancing Flamingo Yoga Lounge for a fun, beginner-friendly vinyasa flow and a glass of your favorite white, red, or blush from The Little Birdie Wine Nest!

Warm Slow Flow

Saturday’s at 9:30am
Roots Yoga

This class is slow paced and gentle Vinyasa flow with basic postures and options to move to more intermediate and advanced poses. We practice in a heated room, at a medium heat level of about 75 to 80 degrees. These flows are designed for beginner to intermediate skill levels.

Restorative Yoga

Saturdays at 11:00am
Roots Yoga

A peaceful, slow stretch with gentle poses utilizing a variety of props for deep stretching and stress relief. Poses can be held anywhere from 40 seconds to three minutes, allowing everyone to find proper alignment and comfort in each pose to receive their full beneficial effect. This relaxing class helps heal and nurture the body and mind, and any and all skill levels are welcome!

Girl Power Flow

Second Saturday of each month at 5:00pm
The Balancing Flamingo Yoga Lounge

*details coming soon!*

Pumpkin Painting Party at Family Yoga

Tuesday October 22 at 5:45pm
$15/child (adult admission included with each child registered)


Nurture Yoga Barre is hosting a very special event in the studio for Family Yoga on October 22nd at 5:45pm!

Come as a family to explore a fun Halloween themed yoga flow and meditation, designed to open your minds and creativity with play, partner poses, and games!

We’ll even have some spooky, fun music!

And you’ll need it! Because as soon as the yoga is done, we’ll be coming together for a special time of creative expression: painting pumpkins!

We will have a selfie photo booth set up, and other goodies as well!

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, caregivers, and kids of all ages are welcome! All supplies will be provided so please be sure to pre-register!

Also, costumes are welcome!

Just please remember that you will need to be able to move in it!

Also, since we will be working with paint, paint shirts are encouraged as well!

We look forward to sharing in the fun of Halloween with you! Remember to check back to updates to reserve your spot ASAP!

Glow Yoga Flow

Friday October 25th
9-10:30pm $15/pp includes glow sticks, glow paint, and drinks

Nurture Yoga Barre

Come flow with us in the dark of the night as you glow with us in glow jewelry & glow paint!
All levels class taught in a black light lit room, where participants adorn their bodies in glow paint & glow jewelry. Music is upbeat and fun!
Cost is $15.00 and includes Glow paint/ jewelry, refreshments including homemade Italian cookies & Pizzelles by June, and a variety of beverages, including one adult beverage (beer or wine). 
Your Unlimited Membership includes this special event. Cost of event ($15) will be credited to your account after purchased, to be used for your next Autopay.

Glow Yoga Kids Yoga Halloween Party!

Wednesday October 30th
6p – 7p $8/person (or $5/person when you buy a 5 class pass package)
Roots Yoga
Lets FLOW and GLOW!

We’re transforming our normal Wednesday night kids yoga for Halloween! To celebrate, feel free to bring your kiddos in costume! We’ll be flowing in the “dark” to some fun, “spooky” music, playing some fall games, and sharing in some yummy treats!