Sam J Grey, future R-HYI

I took this photo a few months ago when I officially registered for Holy Yoga teacher training and could hardly believe it was real.

I’ve been following the work of Holy Yoga Ministries for about 5 years, give or take, and have been hoping for this opportunity the whole time.

There aren’t many instructors within a reasonable distance of me, so one time, I drove three hours, by myself, when I was just two months postpartum to attend Jesus at the Core, a collaborated event put on by Holy Yoga and Revelation Wellness. I just wanted to get a taste of what it was really like in person, to either confirm or quiet this feeling in my heart that I needed to do this.

I walked out of the first night completely sold. This little voice inside me was screaming and happy dancing and going crazy! This was everything I knew it would be.

I prayed with the lovey and gracious founder of Holy Yoga, Brooke Boon, that weekend about my desire and asked that God work in my husband’s heart, and to provide to allow me to pursue this dream. Little did I know, He was preparing the heart of the man who would become my husband 2 years later, after my then-marriage ended in divorce (not over Holy Yoga, in case you were wondering ).

But it’s really come together.

I’m really here.

Gods really REALLY cool and faithful and good.

His grace is INSANE because I really thought I’d be washed up and done for by now but He’s still at work.

He’s still here with me, still pursuing me, still loving me and providing for me.

And He is for you too.