Sky Fit Studios Recent Updates!

Guys, I have some news! So, Sky Fit is a relatively new studio in downtown Akron. But they’ve been making some simple but really effective changes to their studio space that I’m so excited about, and I wanted to share!

I wish I had before pictures – even before the first coats of paint from a few months ago. But alas. I’ll just show you where we’re at now!

So the dark grey wall behind the desk used to be the wall color throughout the studio.

They updated the wall color on some key wall spaces and it’s made a HUGE difference in brightening the place up!

These adorable lights and new string lights under the balcony definitely help, too, and are such a nice touch.

But one of my favorite updates is to the cubby area where our extra mats and blocks are stored, and where students can keep their things during class.

I love the minimal style decor, the simple little things that give it a homey feel and help to foster a tranquil environment in which to practice. I’m totally here for it!

And don’t even get me started on the chandelier… because I’m low key obsessed.

Soon, we’re looking forward to upgrading the desk for checking in students, adding the poles for pole fit classes, and the completion of the second studio downstairs!

I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

Have you been into the studio yet? You should! Come join me for a class and check it out! Saturday’s at 9am for a beginner friendly slow flow and 10:30am for a fun, hip hop power flow. Classes are $15 for drop in, or $12 to preregister on MindBody! Sky Fit is located at 356 S Main St in Akron, and there’s street parking right by the doors, or lot parking just a short walk away under the bridge.