Tips for Building a Home Practice

Yoga has a long list of physical and mental benefits; everything from our heart health to our brain health, from reduced stress to lowering blood pressure, yoga covers so many things and meets so many needs.

But we cannot expect to receive these benefits without a consistent practice.

Attending classes daily at a studio or fitness isn’t always feasible though. Maybe it’s the hours available in their schedule, the distance to such places, or the cost associated with it, but either way, it’s just not always the best option for people.

This is where a home practice is comes in handy.

Classes are a great way to familiarize ourselves with poses, or asanas, and to place ourselves under a teacher who can help guide us into safe and proper alignment, but a consistent practice is necessary in order to receive the most from our practice; and furthermore, real, life-changing insights tend to happen when we practice at home.

A few helpful things

You don’t need much (if anything) to begin a yoga practice at home. Really, you just need your own body. But these things could be helpful (I’ve added an asterisk to the most recommended items):

  • Yoga mat*
  • Comfortable clothing*
  • Yoga block(s)
  • Strap
  • Blanket
  • Bolster
  • Water
  • Journal (if that’s your thing)
  • Time*
  • Space*

Some tips for starting your home practice

Starting a home practice sounds a little overwhelming, I know. Who has another hour in their day to devote to yoga (re:self care/love). But it really doesn’t have to be all that involved. Even just 5-10 minutes for a short flow or a handful of sun salutations worked into your daily routine can be so helpful.

And, too, we are so fortunate in this day and age because virtual yoga classes have never been more accessible or sophisticated. When you have time for longer flows, taking advantage of some of the amazing material and resources yoga teachers put out on YouTube (or other online platforms and subscription services) is a great way to expand your home practice.

Also, find a space in your home to devote to your practice – it doesn’t have to be big or extravagant, it just has to be quiet and sacred. I started in my living room, under my clock. Eventually, I cleared a space in our basement. As I began to take my practice more seriously, I started adding other elements to this space to create my “yoga nook.”

A few other things that could be helpful:

  • Practice with a friend! Having that accountability and encouragement can be super helpful.
  • Plan your flow! Write it out or create a mental plan to follow if you’re not following along with a teacher.  
  • Keep a practice journal or calendar to 
    track your practices. 

Has any of this helped in your development of a home practice? What are some other things that have helped you? Share in the comments!