Updates for Jesus + Yoga at Cornerstone Chapel!

So, if you’re reading this, you likely attend what was formerly called “Holy Yoga Flow” or “Christ-Centered Yoga” at Cornerstone Chapel on Tuesday nights at 7!

Well, there are some updates happening and I just wanted to collect all that info for everyone in one place (though I will cover it at class for the next few weeks as well!)

Name Change

This is minor and doesn’t really affect anyone in particular but I wanted to clarify the reasons why I changed it, and they’re mostly legal.

Holy Yoga is a trademarked name, which until this month, I owned rights to use. However, I opted not to renew those rights, so out of respect, calling my classes Holy Yoga is off the table. I’ve referred to them as Christ-Centered in the past as well, and if you sign up via the church’s small group catalogue, it’s still called “Christ-Centered Yoga.”

But recently, in the Christian yoga community, we’ve been made aware of someone opening a training school called “Christ-Centered Yoga” which would be registered and trademarked as well, so as far as any of my advertisements and literatures will go, I’m just going to avoid any potential issue or confusion and not use that either.

So I went with “Jesus + Yoga” because it sums it up and puts it simply. And, too, because: Jesus first, yoga second.

Building Updates

As many of you know, Cornerstone has been updating their building, and therefore our practice space! Since we literally lay on it, we all know the floor in our practice space (the Chapel) has definitely seen some better days!

And we’ve seen the fruits of some of these updates already! There are fresh coats of paint up all over the building, and more. The Chapel already has a fresh, new, and beautiful shade of blue accenting throughout the room!

Sometimes, these updates might force us to adapt a little! You may find us in some different spaces throughout the building while the church is renovating.

A few weeks ago, we were blessed with sunshine and a cool evening, and we practiced outside!

And last week, while the Chapel was unavailable for us to practice in, but it was super hot and muggy out, we made use of the lobby!

Either way, I’ll make sure everyone gets updated and finds their way to the right spot for practice!

*and if you do so feel compelled to give back to the church by contributing financially to their building fund, you can do so online here by clicking on “Give Online,” entering the amount, and designating your gift for “Project Impact.” Cornerstone enables me to offer a free class to anyone and everyone, whether or not they attend the church or even believe, by allowing me to use their space for free, so if anyone was looking for a way to give back in gratitude or joy, this is one avenue you could consider!

Remind App & Text Alerts

So, because class technically goes through Cornerstone’s small group program, we’ve made use of the Lead app in the past, which the church provides and is such a great tool for me to communicate info with the church about our class!

But since we have grown to include so many students that have joined us from other churches and from the community, and many people come every few weeks instead of weekly, the Lead app doesn’t allow me to communicate with all of my students. And, too, because we meet in the weeks between small groups sessions, there’s a lot of difficulty for me to communicate with everyone.

I do my best to put out notices in the Lead app, on Facebook and Instagram, and give any advanced notice in class that I can – which I will still do! – but there’s still some folks who fall through the cracks and miss important info!

In an effort to cover all those gaps, I’ve created a class for us using the Remind App!

It’s super simple to use, and you don’t need a smart phone or to download the app.

All you have to do is text @jesusyoga to 81010 and you’ll begin to receive updates about class right to your phone. You’ll also be able to reach me by text this way to update me, which is a huge bonus!

If email is your preferred method of communication, you can send an email to jesusyoga@mail.remindapp.com

Or, if you do decide to download the app. you can join our class by searing for @jesusyoga or by clicking this link!

I want to make sure I’m available to everyone, and that we all remain on the same page! So, definitely please subscribe ASAP to stay in the loop!

Thanks everyone! Love y’all and God bless 💜 as always, it’s a BLEASURE 😉

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