Keep Being You.

You know what I’m so done with? I’m so done trying to fit myself into some sort of box or mold that was made for someone else.

Okay, so I was done with that a long time ago, but I’m so done feeling so freaking guilty about it.


My own 9 year old posted to her stories the other day that we should all be ourselves, because if we’re always trying to be someone else, then there would be no us. She’s 9. And yes, she’s wiser than me sometimes (don’t tell her I said that).

I’m not like every other yoga teacher. I’m not like every other mom. I’m not like every other wife. I’m not like every other woman.

I’m this yoga teacher. This mom. This wife. This woman.

I have my own place and my own purpose, and while I will make room to apologize and be humbled in my weaknesses and flaws, I will not be made to feel guilty for being myself, pursuing truth and wellness, and enjoying my life.

And neither should you. You’re different from me and I want you to know that I really freaking appreciate that about you. You’re the best at being you, and you’re a rock star. Or maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re more like.. the cool librarian. And that’s so awesome. I dig that. Keep being you, whoever you are.

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