The Law of Threes.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, that things happen in 3’s.

And maybe you’ve noticed in your yoga class that things are often practiced in threes as well.

So what’s with that? What makes the number three so significant?

Well, in yoga, when we practice poses, we follow a method of three: finding the pose, refining the pose, and then resting in the pose.

In massage therapy, a therapist offering healing massage speaks of each move being done in three parts: the first touch is new, the second is familiar, and the third relaxes.

In the Bible, the number three is one of the most important numbers. It indicates something solid, real, and complete. The most notable example of this would of course be the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But we have many more examples where three appears significant! Jesus has three disciples, Peter, James and John present to witness the transfiguration. His earthly ministry lasted three years. And, too, Jesus was raised in three days. You get the idea.

Outside of God Himself, we also hear from Paul in 1 Corinthians 13 about hope, faith and love – the three major components of our Christian life. And also of body, mind and spirit that make up our human beings.

Working with the pattern of 3 is natural, memorable and complete. It represents complete, integrated relationship.

So if you’re ever in a yoga class and you’re wondering why instructors often lead through three Sun Salutations A or B, or why you visit a pose three times (on each side of course), or settling into a pose for three breaths, you can trust and be sure that this is in order to lead you through a complete and fully-integrated practice.

What else do you find happens in threes?

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