Halloween Kids Yoga Playlist + Flow Inspiration!

Planning a Halloween yoga or fitness class for kids? Or shoot, just a Halloween party? I can help!

I put together this playlist to pair with my Halloween Mom + Me class for kids and their parents. We had a “Glow-ga” flow, where we turned the lights down low, and wore a ton of glow sticks, and did some yoga! It was so fun!

Here’s two of my little yogis rocking their haunted tree poses!


I found this album on Apple Music called Halloween Favorites (Instrumental Party Music) and it was perfect. The whole album lasts about 20-25 minutes, which was perfect for the 3-8 year old age group that attended.

Flow inspiration:

Mountain pose = Skeleton Pose! Then have them shake out all their bones

Tree pose = Haunted Tree! Have them sway in the wind like a tree

Chair pose = Witch on her Broomstick! Take big inhales, exhale with a witches cackle, then “fly” around the room like they’re on a broomstick!

Goddess pose = Ghost pose! Have them float their arms up and down while making ghost noises

Swan diving forward fold = Bat arms! Remember to take the rising up slowly (like a mummy, maybe!?)

Downward facing dog = Spider pose! Have them take their feet beyond hip width apart and walk around like a spider!

Cat/cow = Scaredy cat! Have them meow and hiss like a cat (you can also add in puppy pose here!)

Gate pose = Creaky gate! Have them make creaky sounds as they bend into their right and left gate poses

Cobblers pose with right and left twists = Owl pose! As the twist, have them “hoo!” like owls

Child’s pose = Pumpkin pose! I ended class here in child’s pose and read them a Halloween poem. Before I had them rise, I told them to think of a funny jack-o-lantern face to make, then I counted to three, and they popped up with their silly jack-o-lantern faces and it was so cute and so fun!

If you have kids that are able to follow a flow, I also thought of a “moon” sequence that would create a full circle when done on both the right and left sides so that it would make a full moon!

Flow together warrior 2, extended side angle, reverse warrior, and half moon on both sides and there you go!

What other spooky poses can you think of? Do you have a favorite Halloween song?

Are you teaching adults, or do you need a longer flow? Check out my post here for an hour long class geared towards adults!