Veterans Day Poses for Kids!

If you teach kids, you know class is a great time to get them to educate them and encourage them to open their hearts to things bigger than themselves. Veteran’s Day is a great opportunity to share with about what Vets do for us each and every day, and ways to show them our appreciation. Practicing yoga and remembering our veteran’s is a great way, too, to help students connect with hearts of our veteran’s, and to soften their own hearts to that which our vets go through.

This was the plan for class I put together for my mom + me class in 2018. Please feel free to share it with your students!



Begin in simple seat, twist right and left

Right and left side bends

Forward fold, seated

Right/left head to knee

Wide legged seated forward fold

Table top – cat/cow

Down dog – vinyasa, end in Mountain pose

Step back to warrior 1

Humble warrior

Warrior 2

Extended side angle

Reverse warrior

Warrior 3

Vinyasa, end in mountain pose

*repeat other side*

Vinyasa, end in down dog

3 legged down dog through to pigeon, then cow face legs, right/left

Unravel and legs up the wall

Legs drop to right/left for reclined twist

Corpse pose

Other ideas:

I had hoped also to offer a craft for the kids to complete. Providing computer or construction paper, markers, crayons, stickers, and other craft supplies, for this year, I will be asking the kids and their parents to create Thank You cards for active duty service members that are currently deployed.

I also use class proceeds to donate to Team RWB, a veteran’s organization that connects vets to their communities though physical and social activities.

What other ideas do you think of when it comes to teaching kids about honoring our American vets?

Teaching an hour long class, or a class for adults? Check out my expanded Veteran’s Day class for adults here!