Just One Person.

I had a student ask me once if it ever offended me when “only one person” shows up for class. And I just wanted to put it out there: absolutely not.

In my experience, when one person shows up, it’s been for a reason.

Maybe a regular student wants to work on specific asanas, and now you can spend 20 minutes just breaking it down and spotting.

Maybe a new student was feeling intimidated by a group class, and now, they feel free to ask necessary questions without feeling like they’re interrupting.

Maybe someone is struggling with learning how to honor their body and you can spend the entire class learning how to enter into and hold basic postures while listening to and respecting your body’s needs.

Or maybe they had some pain in an area, and you can customize the flow to their need.

It’s beautiful. I teach every class with the same gratitude and respect, whether there’s one person or twelve. In both situations, I’m here to serve YOU. And if you’re the only person who’s in class on a given day, it’s my pleasure to be there with you.

Because the way I see it, it’s less about “only one person came to class” but rather, it’s like “THIS one person came to class.” And with that perspective, it’s nothing less than divine to have “just one person.”

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