A Thanksgiving Gratitude Meditation

In the hustle and bustle of what Thanksgiving can be to some – like me, running my kids to their dads, running all of us to my in-laws, and my sisters – it can be easy to miss the point of the whole day.

So if this has found your timeline, I’d like to just invite you to this one minute meditation made famous by the one and only, Mr. Rogers. (Yes, the Mr. Rogers..)

Mr. Rogers would do this one particular thing often on his show, as well as when meeting with people such as then-President of the United States, Bill Clinton, then-First Lady, Hillary Clinton, and then-Vice-President, Al Gore, as well as when he accepted an Emmy award. And quietly and subtly, he was inviting the world into meditation.

He would ask everyone to take a moment of silence to consider someone who’d made a positive effect on their lives.

He’d set his watch for 60 seconds.

In the recording of his accepting his Emmy, people kind of laugh, like he was kidding. But after a while, they caught on. And then they cried tears of deep love and appreciation.

I’ve offered this particular meditation in a handful of my classes, followed up with an invitation to write breif notes or letters to the person that comes to mind, or to share about the person with the class if anyone feels compelled.

So, today, I invite you to do the same. Take the next 60 seconds to just think about one person who’s had a positive impact in your life. Consider what that impact was or what it was about them that affected that change. Then move your thoughts to how the legacy of this impact has changed you as a person, and how you can or do live out this impact in your present life.

Then, if you’d like, write that person a note. It doesn’t ever have to even find it’s way to that person, but if they’re alive, I’m sure it would be well received. But I do recognize that often, we recall memories of those who have gone before us, and it can be hard to think about them, and maybe pen the words we might wish we would have said. But hear me: they’re known. They’re still known.

Love your family hard today, friends, whether they’re biological or not.

And Happy Thanksgiving.

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