Christmas Flow for Kids!

I think it’s pretty clear by now that I love working with kids. I wanted to share some inspiration for anyone else who might want to share a special Christmas flow with the kids in their lives – instructors, teachers, troop leaders, moms, whoever!

Pose Inspiration:

Santa’s Ho-Ho-Ho breath – deep belly breathing, exhale with a “Ho-Ho-Ho!”

Sleigh Pose – staff pose, pretend like you’re riding in a sleigh!

Christmas Cat – flow through cat/cow

Snow Sled Dog – downward facing dog, and shake like you’re shaking off snow!

Candy Cane Pose – mountain pose, bending left and right

Christmas Tree Pose – tree pose

Star, for the tree! – star pose, bending left and right into triangle pose

Reindeer Pose – warrior 1 with goal post or cactus arms for antlers!

Flickering Candle – simple seat with right and left side bends

Christmas Angel Pose – corpse pose, making “snow angels” on the mat!

What other poses can you think of?!