God is energy.

We believe, almost without question, that our anatomy and physiology were created by God.

The heart, created to pump blood through the body.

The lungs to draw in oxygen, and send away carbon dioxide.

The brain to power and dictate our conscious and subconscious actions.

Our gastrointestinal systems to digest our food, absorb important nutrients, and eliminate the waste.

Our skeletal system and connective tissue to hold us together and move our bodies.

Guys – we believe this and is any of that outlined in the Bible? Hardly.

So why is it so hard to accept that the God of the Universe, who created all things, who orchestrated these highly intricate and fascinating systems we can see and know and believe, ALSO created a system of energy that works throughout our bodies and all of creation?

Because science is proving it.

But, Christian. Hear me.

God Himself is energy. He is Spirit. He is Love. He is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. This is a higher form of being than we know.

That “energy stuff” we think is so “new agey” and “pagan” and “demonic” could very well be our God, the Holy Spirit, the Breath of Life moving through all things.

And if it could be, don’t we owe it to ourselves to find out?

He is higher than our ways, we know this. We speak the words all the time, right from His Word. We know He is always calling us deeper as we move from Glory to Glory. What if this is the call? What if beckoning us into the unknown is God asking us to step out of the boat, onto the water, and into a spiritual realm that passes all understanding? Where He is as big as He says, and as good as He says? If only we had faith to meet Him there.

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