breath of life.

You cannot be separate from God.

Before you respond from your entrenched religious shame training…. take a breath.

Our word God is rooted in ancient definitions of the Divine. All of humanity has wrestled with the Holy Mystery. The Hebrews themselves, who struggled even mentioning any Name for this Mystery, used the sound YHWH to describe the I Am Who I Am.

“YAH”. “WEH”. The very Name is our breathing. The very name of the Holy Originator is the ongoing breath of every living thing.

Your life is sustained by elements you are not in control of. You do not make your heart pump. You do not make your lungs breathe. Your great mistake is to believe that your connection to life is up to you. All you must do is rest in the providence of unconscious sustainability.

You can not be separate from God. Your very breath is evidence of this…. whether you believe in God or not.

Receive the Holy Grace found in your owning breathing.

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