Best Yes’s and Hard No’s.

In the few months since I gave birth to my third child, my husband and I have managed to figure out, through some trial and error, just how many days a week we are comfortable with me regularly teaching.

For us, my being a stay-at-home-mom with and for my kids was our goal and is our dream come true; but it’s also my personal dream and joy to teach yoga. So, we have tried to find just the right balance between the two that doesn’t deplete the energy of our family unit.

In this industry, hours usually consist of nights and weekends. This is perfect and so beneficial, because I’m available during the daytime hours to care for my children, but it cuts into our complete family time, when my husband is off of work, which is super important to us.

Like I said, we had some trial and error, and a few weeks where we found out the hard way just how much was too much. Thankfully, it’s happened early on, and we decided that about 3 classes, or 3 days a week, was about our max. And I’ve always done my best to plan my schedule around when my kids are home from their dads, to make the most of our complete time at home.

We had a good thing going, and I was teaching 3 classes a week, when I got offered a job teaching at a studio in our relative community, when, at the time, all of my classes were 25-50 minute drives from home. Obviously, I jumped on the opportunity to work closer to home, and the way the schedule works out, I actually have the chance to teach two classes in the same amount of time away from home I used to teach just one. It wasn’t easy to leave a class I loved teaching – Dirty Pop + Hip Hop Yoga was so fun! – but putting my family first, and making the most of my time away from home was an easy decision.

After a few weeks, another teaching opportunity at the same studio has opened up, and now that my kids’ schedules will be changing again, its on a more convenient day for me to be able to teach while they’re away.

So, again, I’m faced with a difficult decision. Do I take on a new class on a new day that works better for my family and leave behind another one of my favorite classes, and one that a ton of my favorite people attend – Feel Good Yoga? Or do I continue on with my current schedule?

This choice was so hard. My heart actually grieves it. Saying ‘no’ to a class I thoroughly enjoy teaching is so hard.

But my first priorities are at home, not in the studio. And they deserve my ‘yes.’

It’s with a deep sadness in my heart that I announce my departure from On the Rocks in Elyria.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Sam and Heidi for opening the doors to me, and to other yoga instructors like me, and inviting us to share in their incredible space.

And my love and appreciation for my friends and students cannot be overstated. I’ve never known support like the kind I’ve received from my Westwinds family that turned up so faithfully to each class. Trish, Patty, Debbie, Amy… I love you guys so much! Thank you doesn’t cover it! I can never repay you for your incredible, invaluable support and encouragement.

I’m going to miss this class so much! This decision wasn’t a happy one, by any stretch, but it was an easy one, to be able to be with my family, and to make the most of our time together while they’re little.

I do look forward to my new class on Wednesdays with so much joy, though! I’ll be leading a yoga class at Roots every Wednesday at 6pm for kids ages 3-10. This is a class my own children will be attending with me, and teaching kids has been a part of my teaching journey since I got started in January 2018. I’ve worked with Girl Scouts and enjoyed months of Mom + Me classes last summer and fall. I’m so delighted to have the chance to work with kids again.

I’m grateful. I’ve had so many great opportunities this year, and have received such warm welcomes. I feel so blessed.

Thank you, everybody.

And if you’re free and in the area, drop in on Thursday, May 16 for my last class at On the Rocks! Class starts at 7pm. I just want to show my appreciation for everyone, so class is FREE! And I’ll be bringing cupcakes, to sweeten the deal!

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