holding space mini retreat announcement!

It is with a great deal of thoughtful and prayerful consideration that I have decided to open up my ‘holding space. yoga retreat’ as just that: a yoga retreat.

Initially, when I began my yoga teaching journey, I expected all of my yoga classes to be Christ-centered instruction. That’s what I wanted and what I hoped for. But God had other ideas.

Exactly one door has been opened for me to teach Holy Yoga and, God, I’m so grateful for it. The community of yogis after Christ that is coming together at Cornerstone is a blessing like no other to my heart. I’m so incredibly thankful for that opportunity. But doors have been closed firmly and surely everywhere else.

Not that I haven’t been led to teaching elsewhere, though. Doors have been opened for me to teach many secular classes where I’m able to share my joy and my peace and my security – that I personally draw from my faith in God – with my students as my cup runneth over, so to speak.

And it’s in that, that I began to consider opening up my retreat, shifting gears from a Christ-centered yoga practice, to including a variety of styles of yoga, a variety of meditation practices, and a broader lesson plan. We will still explore the concepts of “holding space” and healing. It’s just that our practice will not be limited to Holy Yoga and our study will not be limited to Bible study.

All walks of life – every faith, color, experience, opinion, size, dress, and blood type are welcome to come and be celebrated, and to have space held for their place in this world, too.

You’re all so special, and such a blessing to me. I can’t wait to share in this weekend with you!

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