Give Yourself Time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, am I right? You know the old saying. We all do.

And here’s the thing: transformation doesn’t happen over night, either.

Transformation is DISTINCTLY different from deliverance. Deliverance can happen in an instant, in just the snap of God’s powerful fingers, but sometimes, I wonder, if deliverance isn’t always the best option and that’s why we don’t receive it. Maybe removing us from something difficult, even if it’s our own feelings and habits, won’t yield the same kind of life-giving soul work that transformation would accomplish. Sometimes, maybe delivering us won’t heal us like transforming us does. Maybe the situation we’re facing doesn’t require rescuing, but instead demands growth.

If that’s you, give yourself time.

Its a process, and it’s not always a linear one. And don’t forget there is GRACE sufficient for you in that season. 🦋

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