4 Poses to Celebrate Freedom this 4th of July!

It’s America’s birthday! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐ŸŽ†

Here in the USA, we like to go big to celebrate our country and our freedom. So, why limit our festivities to fireworks, parades, and flags?

Here are 4 yoga poses you can include in your practice today to honor the ol’ red, white, and blue, and get into the American spirit!

Flag Pose (aka: Head-to-Knee Pose)

Having one leg extended and one leg tucked in, in the seated variation, resembles a flag, and is why head-to-knee is often referred to as “flag pose” in children’s classes. To increase the challenge and intensity of this pose, you can also take a standing variation!

Firefly Pose

This arm balance can be tricky, but also super fun. It definitely requires a lot of upper body strength, but also, really flexible hamstrings. So, be sure to sufficiently warm up before trying this pose! You can also try this pose on a block, against the wall, to work on building up your arm strength!

Fire Log Pose (aka: Double Pigeon)

This pose is one of the best for tight hips and a tense low back. The goal is to work the legs, one on top of the other. But if that’s not quite accessible, getting as close as you can, while honoring your spine by sitting straight and tall, is more than enough to get the most out of this pose. You can also add a block beneath the knees for added support!

Eagle Pose

Can you think of anything more patriotic this 4th of July than the American Eagle? This pose offers balance work, while also stretching the outer thighs and shoulders. If this seems difficult to balance, try sitting down more deeply into this pose. Or, try setting the toes down on the wrap-around leg for added stability.

What other festive poses can you think of?

Have a safe and happy holiday!

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