Rolling with the Punches

At Cornerstone Chapel, where I taught a Christ-Centered class on Tuesday evenings, we practiced usually in what is called “the Chapel.” It’s a wonderful space, with great lighting and a wonderful sound system! (And it’s recently been renovated!)


But one Tuesday, I showed up, and our room wasn’t cleared like normal. Aside from the renovation things we’d been working around, a number of tables and chairs were still up from a previous function at the church.

No bother, though, we made do!

Thankfully, the foyer, also seeing some renovations, has been mostly cleared of its furniture, so we posted up in there instead! Which was a real treat, actually, since the doors on either side of the room allowed for so much beautiful evening sunlight to pour in over our practice!


And in the moments before class, I felt a nudge in my heart to alter the word God had given me to share for that evening. So I started searching around, open to whatever the Lord had for us, and this is what I found:


Think for a moment about the work of God. Can anyone make straight what God has made crooked?

Teacher: When times are good, enjoy them and be happy.

When times are bad, think about this:

God makes both good and bad times, so that no one really knows what is coming next.

In the fleeting time I have lived on this earth, I have seen just about everything: the good dying in their goodness and the wicked living to a ripe old age.

So my advice? Do not act overly righteous, and do not think yourself wiser than others. Why go and ruin yourself?

But do not be too wicked or foolish either. Why die before it’s your time? 18 Grasp both sides of things and keep the two in balance; for anyone who fears God won’t give in to the extremes. (Ecclesiastes 7:13-18 VOICE)

untitled design


Inspired by the sudden change in plans – which on a different day, I might’ve found frustrating or inconvenient – I was at peace, surrendered to whatever God was willing to do, not only in the heart of my students, but in mine.

And using this minor hiccup in our plans, I just felt God speaking to and softening my heart about our – my – need to roll with the punches when things don’t look like we expected, while we lean on our faith and trust that He’s good to fulfill His promises.

Some of the best advice I ever got was “God is God in the dark, just like He’s got in the light.”

In good times, He’s God and He’s good. In bad times, nothing about God changes. He’s still God and He’s still good.

He’s always thinking higher thoughts and moving in higher ways. And we should never consider ourselves to be so righteous that we try to take his place, or so wicked that He’s gone from us. Because those who know Him, know His nature, and know His love doesn’t play those ways.

He is Holy and just, and He is merciful and gracious, and He is ALWAYS LOVE.

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