Why We Should All Try Aerial Yoga, At Least Once!

So we’re cool on the ground, right? But maybe, let’s take it up a notch.

Enter aerial yoga!

Aerial seems intimidating, like its only for super advanced yogis, acrobats, or gymnasts. But that just not true!

Aerial is for everyone.

It takes some time to get used to practicing yoga while not rooted to the ground. But, like most things, with practice, it will come to be more familiar, and quickly become a favorite way to practice.

If I can do it, so can you!


Don’t believe me? Here’s some reasons why you should try it, at least once.

  • Spinal decompression!

  • Being suspended by the fabric (also called a hammock or silks) your body is using less effort to support.. well, you. This suspension allows your spine to find length using the weight of gravity, decompressing the vertebrae.
  • Easy inversions!

  • Love them or hate them, inversions are amazing for the body. Improved circulation, calming anxiety, and increasing blood flow to the brain for improved mood and emotion are just a few of their benefits. Using the hammock for support and security, inversions can feel like a piece of cake.
  • Upper body strengthening!

  • A lot of the yoga we practice in western yoga culture focuses on a lot of lower body strength. After all, we’re lifting up off of the ground, going against gravity. With aerial yoga, you’re pulling up into the sky.
  • You’re a beautiful, elegant acrobat
  • Who doesn’t love watching acrobats and gymnasts? The elegant grace and brute strength should be such a paradox but they blend so beautifully! Aerial’s combination of yoga into the mix gives us yogis the sensation of aerial artists and acrobats! It’s wonderful!
  • Changing up familiar poses!

  • Poses like plank or bridge are going to take on and entirely different feel and meaning once you translate that to the hammock! And with aerial, it’s like being a beginner but also super advanced (because you’re floating through the air!) at the same time!
  • Savasana cocoon!

  • Like a beautiful butterfly waits in its cocoon to grace the earth with its presence, so to will you in aerial savasana! This is incredible, and so fun. And the gentle movement and swing of the hammock will lull your sweet little self right into the most divine rested savasana of your life.
  • A boost in confidence!

  • Coming out of your comfort zone might feel a little risky, but that’s where growth happens! Learning to trust the fabric with the weight of your body might be a little tricky at first, but once you do, you can expect a boost in confidence and bravery that will follow you out of the studio!

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