Namaste and Raise Your Glass: Beer and Yoga

Normally, a pint of beer is not the recommended replenishing beverage of many yoga teachers, but the ever increasing popularity of yoga and beer in breweries and bars all over the place are definitely causing a shift of perspective.

Yogis all over the world have shifted from coconut water and green smoothies to lagers and IPA’s.

The history of this practice is up for some speculation, but it seems to be derived out of yoga teachers offering yoga to wait staff at their local restaurants and breweries, as the job is physically demanding and can take such a toll on the body.

Many servers might not feel comfortable coming to a studio, but most likely, their schedules probably don’t allow for easy access to most classes. By offering them in their place of employment, usually early on Saturday mornings, this allowed for the staff to have access to this therapeutic exercise practice.

After finding much success, the classes were opened to the public with the promise of a beer after class, and the practice of beer yoga was born. It spread like wildfire across the U.S. and eventually, across the globe.

Restaurant and brewery classes also open the door up for people who might not normally venture into a yoga studio, but have an appreciation for craft beers, delicious food, or just a good time, to try yoga for the first time.

These classes aren’t like typical classes. They’re usually a much more casual environment, and full of fun and laughter. Some even allow students to drink WHILE practicing!

But it’s more than that: yoga is all about the mind-body connection. Adding the element of taste to the practice can allow students to increase their level of consciousness.

Have you tried a beer and yoga class before? How was it?! Let us know in the comments!


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