The Best Plants for Your Yoga Studio!

Plants in a yoga studio can really enhance the vibe and feel of the room, enhancing the experience of your students!

Before we dive into which plants are great, there’s a few things to consider.


Before you purchase that wicked cool, super tall plant, maybe double check the height of your studio from floor to ceiling. The size of your plants should fall in an “average” range for that particular plant, and shouldn’t be so huge that they take away too much of your usable studio space.


Plants require varying amounts of sunlight to thrive. So being aware of your lighting situation and your ability to provide adequate light to the plants in your studio is important.


A number of plants, particularly tropical plants, will not do well in a dry environment. Consider the humidity you’re able to offer in your studios for the well-being of your plants before selecting the more tropical plants.


If your studio is in a place effected by dust, smoke, and the like, real plants might not be the best option. You should also ensure that you have access to an adequate water supply before filling the studio with greenery.

Okay. So, now that we’ve covered all that and given some thought to the space we intend to fill with live greeny goodness, here are SEVEN great plants to consider adding to your studio!

Shrimp Plant

This plant is named for its shrimp-like blooms. It’s really fun to look at, and can grow in humid environments with high temperatures (like a hot yoga studio!). It’s also super easy to care for, as it looks great and grows well in a hanging basket, and will bloom year round.

Flowering Maple

These tropical trees and shrubs are great for a yoga studio because they average a height of about 0.5 – 3 meters. They bloom in a variety of warm, energetic colors like yellow, orange, and red bringing a revitalizing warmth to your studio!


This beautiful looking and pleasant smelling but rugged flower thrives in cool, dry environments and requires very little light and attention.


This lovely green plant is different from the others because it does not flower. It’s a succulent, and makes arguably one of the best plants for a yoga studio. It’s easy to maintain and can go days between waterings.

Aloe Vera

Keeping an aloe vera plant in your studio not only makes it greener, but it also makes it healthier, since it boasts medicinal properties for a number of ailments such as burns, headaches, and other injuries. Aside from that, it’s also really low maintenance, and only requires watering about once a week.

Zebra Plant

Even when this plant is not in bloom, the unique coloring and pattern on its leaves makes it a really lovely addition to any studio space. They do not require close attention but do not do well with extremes, so finding that balance in caring for this beautiful plant is really important.

Asparagus Fern

This fluffy, full fern is ideal for a yoga studio. It doesn’t require much water, and it can be grown in a hanging basket. It does need direct sunlight and should not be over watered in order to thrive and bring a fresh aesthetic to your studio space.

A few additional things to consider:

  • Climbing plants should probably be avoided. They require much work in order to keep them tame and from covering the entire studio.
  • Too many plants will turn your studio into a garden. Sometimes, less is more.
  • Consult with a florist before adding plants if you have questions or concerns about what to add and how to care for them!

What other plants do you keep in your studio?

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