Onsie Leggings Review!

I received these ridiculously cute Onsie leggings in my YogaClub Box a few months ago, and after some wear, I have some thoughts:

  • One, this pattern is ridiculously beautiful.
  • This material is actually really incredible. It’s sturdy and sleek, looks great on, and feels amazing while I’m practicing.
  • The high waist is obviously everything. It will roll a little during practice but not nearly as much as other brands.
  • After a few months of wear and wash, the color and pattern is still super vibrant, and the elastic is going strong.
  • Last but not least, I would say they are about a 8.5-9/10 in my down dog/forward fold approval scale. They’re not completely exempt from a little see-through, the pattern does help mask what’s happening under your leggings, and if you wear a solid undergarment, you’ll be just fine.

All in all, I will definitely pick up some more Onsie products in the future, and would recommend them as well!

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