I am Here | from the archives, September 2019

This is where my pincha practice was yesterday. I couldn’t get even a second of balance away from the wall to save my life.

And sure, I could’ve been that person who screenshot the video at just the moment when my feet were in line and off the wall right before I fell – and at one point, I would have been for sure. I admit it. But that’s dishonest and not reflective of where I AM.

And where I am is exactly where I belong.

I am on, need to be, and deserve to be on the journey and in the making – in all things. Being in and trusting the process of growth and maturation is a gift and a blessing, and should be honored, not apologized for or excused.

If you are here, you are HERE. Give yourself permission to take up this space. Honor yourself here, celebrate yourself in this space, and bask in the love that meets you here. 💜

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