BALEAF leggings review!

These are my favorite brand of leggings.

Let me repeat:

These are my favorite brand of leggings.

(Hi, Baleaf, please sponsor me – I love you!)

Seriously though, I found these Baleaf leggings – yes this exact pair in the picture – 3 years ago on Amazon on a lightening deal before Christmas. 3 years on, and I still chose them for a yoga photo shoot with professional photographer, D C Ketcham. Because they’re in just that good of shape still!

The waist stays in place. The structure of them is incredible. The material is even better – it’s sturdy, but comfortable; and all of my bottom half feels secure, but mobile. And after 3 years of wear and wash, these bad boys are still 100% down dog approved – no see through backside here.

I love them so much I currently own 5 pairs. Of the exact. same. black. leggings.

And yes, MariKondo, they ALL strike joy.

My only complaints, if you can even call them that, is that the seams do pill sometimes, and that they attract my cats loose hair like a magnet, but I’ve got lint rollers. I’ll be fine.

Again, not a sponsored post, though if I was ever going to accept a sponsorship, it would definitely be from this brand. So believe me, I’m not trying to sell you their stuff; I have no skin in this game.

Their product is just incredible, and at an unbelievably great value, and I can’t tell you enough how satisfied I am with them.

Speaking of value, get this: these leggings cost less than $30 on Amazon.

The pair I’m wearing in these pictures is, at the time I’m writing this, only $20.99 and eligible for Prime shipping. And there are 41 other options – colors, patterns, leg lengths, waist heights, etc – to choose from.

So there’s literally a pair for everyone, even if a solid black legging ain’t your jam.

Check them out and thank me later. (But I’ll say “you’re welcome” now anyway!)

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