Why I Love to Yoga Outside!

I generally just love to be outside.

Fresh air, in particular, is my jam.

And having my bare feet in connection, somehow, with the earth around me, be it actually sole to earth, or hanging over the edge of my hammock to be enveloped in a breeze.

Sure, there’s lots of “outside” things I could do without – bugs, excessively hot or cold temps, high winds, scratchy grass, sunburn, etc.. – but I think there’s really something to being ON the earth created for us, and simultaneously, on the earth from which we were created.

Dust to dust – in that the dust we were created from comes close to the dust that now breathes the breath of life and is our physical being and each sees the other and bows, in cellular level sort of , “namaste.”

I personally can’t wait for the weather to shift for a few months to be able to get back outside!

Do you like to practice outside? What is your favorite part?

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