So I’ve Been Taking Barre, and This is What I Think (as a Yogi)

So, I’m a yoga teacher, but my sister is a diehard barre student.

Between taking a few classes with her, and taking classes at studios where I teach and barre is offered, I’ve got some THOUGHTS.

And honestly, they’re all great.

I haven’t taken a barre class yet that I didn’t like. But I also haven’t taken a single one that didn’t kick my ass, either.

Personally, I love the blend of dancey things and yoga, and I think this falls under that umbrella a little bit, as barre is a fitness class that draws from ballet exercises. It’s a killer work out that tones and lengthens muscles – and sets them on fire for about an hour – using tight, isometric movements and pulsing.

The alignment cues are different in barre than in yoga, but all of the instructors I’ve studied under were exceptional, and mindful of the safety of their students.

The only con I could possibly list is that I wish I had about 5-15 more minutes to stretch the areas of the body that were targeted during class. I’m spoiled by 8 breaths in pigeon pose – so things that that feel lacking a bit. But I could still do it on my own afterwards.

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