I fully believe in balance.

There must be some sort of “opposite” or “counter” to everything we do.

There has to be something that allows busy people like me time to decompress, reset, rest, and grow.

There needs to be something for more laid back people that kick starts and ignites their fires.

Thats the big thing I’m learning in this season of life. I’m learning that, for a busy person, for a hustler, for someone that’s comfortable always on-the-go… I don’t grow there.

I might blossom and shine there, but that’s not where my growth comes from.

People like me, we actually grow in the quiet. In the rest. And in the reset. And then we carry that growth with us on our way until it’s time to pause again.

We all need balance. Either time to reset or time to ignite.

And I’m sure there’s a hundred other options out there that speak to each different type of individual in the universe. This is just what is speaking to me in this time of my life.

What speaks to you?

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