Rolling with the Tide, and the Ebbs + Flows of Passion

This is a pretty old picture of me face-planting out of a fallen angel arm balance, but let me tell you what: it’s pretty illustrative of my practice sometimes!

Sometimes, in a 48 hour period, I’ll be lucky if I’ve done two down dogs and a puppy pose because that’s all I had the energy for…

and I’m here to tell myself and all of us that that’s really okay.

It’s okay to have moments of rest and days where you’re not super on fire for everything.

In those phases, I try to remind myself to let the wave of exhaustion, apathy, SADD, and whatever else come and douse the fire. Because, in time, that wave rolls out with the tide, the fire reignites, and I’m once again consumed with passion and wonder and hope and joy and motivation.

It comes and it goes, it ebbs and it flows. Even it’s going is proof of its existence at all, so when the tide is high, and I’m feeling less than passionate and less than motivated, you’ll find me holding on – even if it’s face down in my mat, yawning a ton, or otherwise. I won’t question my heart, my purpose, or my path. I still know my purpose and intentions to be true, I still know my journey is for me and that I’m on my way, and that I’m 100% still made of Light and Love even on my darkest days.

So if you’re ever here, too, we can hold hands, and hold onto each other.

Don’t lose hope. You’re not alone, fellow light shiner and love bearer. We can ride this one out together. 💜

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