I am Safe : Root Chakra Work

This is my yoga right now.

I’ve been including more grounding root chakra work in my personal practice.

Like here. Walking my hands back to my feet more – meeting myself where I’m connected to the earth, instead of stepping forward and reconnecting. Lifting and planting my toes one at a time, making for a more mindful presence there. And using the strength of my bottom body to press into the earth to rise up to standing, instead of lifting through my upper body – pressing hard into the earth to draw upward, instead of reaching higher and away from it.

This sometimes feels so strong and secure. But other times, it feels raw and vulnerable.

It’s facing the insecure, anxious cloud that takes up residence in my spirit right in its ugly face. It’s acknowledging that I am safe, grounded, and secure. And not in just an external way, but in an internal one. I’m not a risk to myself. I’m not disconnected. I’m not fragile.

I am safe – I can be trusted, by myself and by others. I am grounded – I have roots, and they lift my branches higher. I am secure – I am a stable and reliable source of love, to myself and those around me.

And you are too. ❣️

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