Weight Stigma Awareness Week

It’s #weightstigmaawarenessweek. I’m sure you didn’t know that. I know I didn’t before last year.

So I’m passing it along.

Along with this photo of me from Hilton Head from last year that I almost dare never post because I just usually don’t.

Partly because of my own weight stigma, and partly because I’m just not used to seeing my own skin (ironically, also because of my weight stigma).

But here it is.

Here I am.

I’ve learned so much in the last year about “health at every size” and the realities of weight stigma – not just in culture, but in medicine. And I’m freaking done with it.

To paraphrase Caroline Dooner, author of ‘The Fuck It Diet:’ if you care about health and social justice, educate yourself about weight stigma.

10/10 recommend her book.

And just to be clear, I’m positive for bodies, period.

Big ones, skinny ones, round ones, thin ones, tall ones, short ones, white ones, black ones, brown ones, and everything in between.

So while I’m sending this out for Weight Stigma Awareness Week like it’s for us big folks (it is, let’s be honest, we receive the brunt of cultures BS about weight) but it goes out to all the skinny people that have been told they need to eat a cheeseburger too.

The door on weight stigma does swing both ways and I see you too.

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