Worthy of this Effort.

I worked out the aches and tension in my body earlier this evening, but after I came home, I was feeling cemented to my seat on the floor but restless. I mustered up the energy and dragged myself off the floor to commit to this personal practice.

I originally just did some sun sals, but then I wavered and took a savasana.

As I struggled to meditate and find rest and peace, I knew there was more work to be done. So I got up, and did some Buti yoga for the first time in forever. (If you’re not familiar, it’s an energetic, cardio-heavy practice where yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics are blended).

When that came to and end, I was finally able to lay there in savasana, a mantra + affirmation came to me and set peace in my spirit:

I am worthy of this effort.

It takes a lot sometimes for me to get motivated, especially when it’s just me + my personal practice, and not the one I share as a teacher/student of yoga. But I am worthy, and my practice is worthy, of this effort.

And I love this because it acknowledges the struggle that is even just showing up sometimes, that it alone is work. But so to is the practice itself, and all of that mental and physical and spiritual and emotional effort… I am worth it.

I reflected with gratitude on my own mat at the end of this, for myself, my practice, my body, and for showing up today. And I rested in that.

As I wrapped it up, I sat up, and said “Namaste” to myself, recognizing the divine… in me.

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