Give Thanks.

At the end of every single class, I invite my yoga students to pause here in the fetal position to reflect with gratitude on their practice, and thank themselves for showing up to the mat.

Yogi Bhajan said that,

“the attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga.”

So, this moment is the peak of the practice.

Through a practice of gratitude and thankfulness in these still, small moments on our mats, we begin to guide our minds and hearts to more positive thought patterns.

And in doing so, strengthening ourselves so that it becomes much more difficult to be robbed of our contentment.

And thanksgiving transforms from just a day of delicious food into a posture of our hearts and our lifestyle.

This picture is from this day last year, as I began this very holiday off with some truly beautiful people, in one of my favorite places, sharing the practices I am most passionate about.

To this day, that I get to share this with anyone is really very humbling. Thank you so much for sharing this practice with me, on today or any day.

I’m so, so grateful.

Namaste, friends, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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