God is bigger.

I saw something earlier today that had me thinking about my Holy Yoga Immersion back in the summer of 2018. The post I saw was about how God met that person there in a life-changing way, and at the time, I didn’t stop to read the whole thing, but now I wish I had.

Because when I think about my own Immersion, and what was done in my heart in that week.. when I remember what I felt and experienced within my soul as I learned how to truly surrender and feel the arms of God wrap around this prodigal child.

It was there that I fully came to accept that His arms were always open, and He was always near, just waiting for me to be willing to be embraced. And once I was in that place, He enveloped me in such love and grace and peace and JOY!

It was incredible. It IS still incredible.

Now, I’ve been told recently that there’s controversy over HY and their founder/leadership or whatever. And to be quite honest: whatever. Find me an organization who doesn’t have those who disagree with them. But it got me thinking, like… BUT GOD.

I don’t have to care what anyone in this organization does. I don’t ever have to feel bad about my Holy Yoga certification because it wasn’t a person who met me there, but the Lord of Lords and Lover of Souls who met me there.. who revealed He’d always been there.

He’s always bigger. I feel like sometimes we get caught up in the politics of the thing, and maybe throw out the baby with the bath water, so to speak. But in keeping the perspective that my experience was REAL and it wasn’t about the people or the place but about the Lord who is higher than any of us could ever fathom…brings such a peace to my heart that I think it has been robbed of in recent months.

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