moving through.

Can we get a little personal for a minute?

Many of us know it’s important to open our hips and hearts when we’re moving though some big feelings.

But I got the reminder this morning in a modified camel during a class I took by Morgan Tyler on YouTube that was like WOW, OKAY 😳😭🤩 that our throats also can carry some trauma, and opening that back up can be like WHOA sometimes.

That was me today. My heart/chest needed it, and I knew that much.

But my throat needed it too. (And honestly, my third eye needed it).

Camel had me feeling like I was silently screaming my troubles and anxiety and doubt and hurt out of my body.

Every inhale reminded me I can stay open and vulnerable – I don’t need to close myself off or hoard my love or affection in fear of rejection or hurt, I can speak my truth – I don’t have to shrink to fit in a box for anyone else’s comfort, and that my intuition is strong and can be trusted – I don’t need to doubt the wisdom of my gut or experience.

Repeating the mantra “I am loved. I am worthy” in and out of a narrow child’s pose also felt like like bowing to the divine in myself and rising up from the ashes, and that just hit differently today.

I don’t pretend that yoga is a cure all for everything. And I certainly don’t think that it just erased the uncomfortable things I’m confronting this morning, but I do think a mindful practice with the intention of moving with and through those uncomfortable things definitely makes all the difference in how I/we approach these things, and where they go from here. It makes growing from these types of things rather than wallowing in or avoiding them feel so much more achievable.

Has that ever happened to you? Maybe a pose you practice somewhat regularly, and one day, you just move into it, and BOOM, the floodgates (of feels, ideas, creativity, emotions, tears, whatever) just open up?

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