Toe-ga for Kids!

Can you spread your toes apart?

Stretching your toes you can improve a number of foot and toe problems, like Plantar fasciitis, Bunions, Corns, Calluses, Bone Spurs, Achilles problems, Varicose Veins, cramping, toe stiffness, Arthritis, overlapping toes, Morton’s Neuroma, and Metatarsalgia, as well as Hammer, Mallet and Claw Toe!

It can improve balance, circulation and posture, decrease foot pain, strengthen the toes and improve the overall appearance of the foot to stretch your toes as well!

We always laugh over how strong my toes are, and I’m so here for stretching and strengthening them! Especially because I have tendon issues in my feet.

But as a kids yoga teacher, one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE games to play with my kids is TOE-GA!


  • multicolored pom pom balls:

  • a group of kids and their bare feet!


  1. Dump the pom poms on the floor and mix all the colors together
  2. Have kids circle around the pile of poms
  3. Assign each child a color pom
  4. Say “on your mark, get set, go!”
  5. Have the kids run up to the pile and collect their assigned color pom poms using only their toes to pick them up!
  6. Have the kids organize their colored poms into shapes or letters (lines, squares, circles, first letter of their first name, etc)
  7. Add a competitive element by making the first person done the winner!
  8. Place a bucket or container in the middle of the room where the pile used to be
  9. Have the kids use only their toes to get their pom poms into the bucket
  10. Celebrate yourself because clean-up is now a part of the game
  11. Rinse and repeat as long as the kids allow!

Try this out with your group of kids and let me know what they think!

What about you? Do you work out your toes?

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