Just Keep Digging.

Gosh, this feels like 6 years ago already. But this is ✨ SO IMPORTANT ✨ because many of us are still on a road to recovery from the literal crushing weight of a year in near isolation.

Even if it wasn’t that dramatic of a change for you, the pressing concerns of illness, loss, uncertainty, and division have affected each and every one of us.

Then this Evergreen ship gets stuck in the Suez Canal, someone captures this picture of this single excavator out here just trying its freaking best to dig it out of the mud and the muck, and the world just looks at it with this sigh of resigned recognition.

This tweet is my favorite, though: the digger won.

Head down, doing our best, no matter how daunting or how long it might take ➡️ the key to our success, our recovery, and our healing.

Our “best” looks different day to day for each of us, too. What your best was yesterday might not be your best today or your best tomorrow. Some days/weeks/years, we might be ultra productive, moving and shaking, feeling super great. That best might be booming, energetic, and getting it done. But other times, we might feel depressed, depleted, and lethargic. A lack of motivation might hang over us, and our best during that season might look very different, and it shouldn’t be held up to compare to the best we had during different times. Stop and look at yourself today. Take stock of where you are. And just give it today’s best, and be proud. ✨

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