Peace, Grace, and Discipline.

Here lie my magical morning yogi toes.

They are helping me finding peace and solace this morning.

It’s not always easy waking up for a home practice. I miss my time practicing in the studio dearly already.

But life and love require us sometimes to sacrifices ourselves, and as much as the deconstruction in me rails against that language, it’s honest.

Do I want to give up my early hot yoga classes? No. But I want less for my kiddo to get ready & head off solo in the mornings for school. So, I gave up the former, and I have a lot of peace about it – I’m not complaining, of course. Just explaining.

All it requires of me is more discipline – which takes a conscious and decisive effort for someone like me, to whom discipline does not come naturally.

CHOOSING to get up and flow or work out or, hell, just get UP at all requires a significant amount of will power and self control that I must literally and consciously choose. Some folks find it comes so easily, but that’s just never been me.

Knowing that about myself, you know, I’m going to fail some days. I’m going to skip it, sleep in, or get distracted. And it’s in those days I must choose (yet another buzz word I really strive to hold onto the actual meaning of) GRACE.

I must choose to be gentle, forgiving, and encouraging to myself, and be all the things I always needed in life but didn’t always have, to influence me to continue down a path of growth for myself.

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