Please never say those words again.

“I’m not flexible enough to do yoga.”

“I’m too fat to do yoga.”

“I’m not strong enough to do yoga.”

“I’m too old to do yoga.”


Because, here’s the thing:

Do you shower before you’re dirty?
Do you eat before you’re hungry?
Do you sleep before you’re tired?

Then why would you need to be flexible before doing yoga?

Beyond just getting bendy, Yoga is beautiful because yoga is ACCESSIBLE.

Don’t like headstands? Legs up the wall is also an inversion.
Can’t get down onto the mat/floor? You can do yoga in a chair.
Anatomy in the way of your step through? Use blocks under your hands or try stepping back.
Struggling in planks? Drop your knees.

And the list of accessibility hacks goes on, and on, and on, and on…

Just arrive. All you have to do is show up, and we can help guide you as you find YOUR practice.

This – YOGA- is a PERSONAL practice. You will find your own flow and your body and how these postures can be accessible to you. You just have to show up.

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