progress & transformation

I’m not really one for progress photos because sometimes I feel like it sends the wrong message and can be super triggering for people who are still in the thick of their own shit. So I nested them below, rather than in my post’s feature photo instead. Consider this your TW if progress pics/weight loss pics/etc dont serve you well in this season. Be gentle with yourself & ruthless with your boundaries. 🤍

The reason I’m sharing these at all because sometimes it can lend encouragement and I honestly had to see this for myself to even believe or remember the progress I’ve made for myself.

What I want to highlight though, and I feel like it’s so important to say, is that there’s nothing wrong with my body in the before pictures. (And there’s nothing wrong with yours either.) And I feel like that’s what most progress pics say: there’s something about the older photo that’s wrong, bad, unworthy. But that’s just not the case.

My body in 2017 and 2019? She is loved! I was and still am so proud of her!

And that’s how she’s made the physical progress she’s made. I fueled her pretty well, moved her in ways she enjoys, and she’s rewarded me with strength, comfort, and actually feeling physically & emotionally good IN my body.

There’s just under under 4 years between the first pictures and 2 years between the second pictures, and even though I’ve been getting upside down on my head for a few years more than that, it hasn’t been until the last year or so that this pose actually FEELS strong 💪🏻 and it’s thrilling. ✨

And it honestly does feel very rewarding to not only see the progress the shape of mg body has made itself, but also, the shape of my body in this pose. That strong feeling? I can see it in mg body alignment and language, and I hope you can too. 🤍

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