Big Bottom Behavior Leggings Review!

So it’s taken me a little while to get back on board with this! But I definitely want to let you guys know when I make great finds (and not so great finds).

Thankfully, this was a great find!


I found these fun tie-dye leggings from Big Bottom Behavior.

I’m a curvy girl, okay? I got some booty going on. So having leggings that understand that, and are not only down dog approved (if you catch my drift) but are also forward fold approved and happy baby approved is of the utmost importance to me.

So, I got these leggings, and my first impression was: WOW THIS FABRIC IS SOFT. It’s like the buttery soft material that-MLM-brand-that-shall-not-be-named promises, but with no holes in them! Brilliant.

My second thought was definitely that I love this pattern. I originally had ordered the tie-dye leggings in red, but the fabric was on back order so they let me try out the nude tie-dye and I’m so happy with it. I feel like I love it so much I should have ordered them all along.

The very first thing I do when I pick up any legging I plan to put on my body for the first time is to stick my hand into them and stretch them as hard as I can and try to see if I can see my hand through them. I was pleased that I could not see my hand! These were looking promising.

So I finally got a chance to try them on yesterday, and I’m defintely so happy with the structure of the fabric, as well as how soft it is. There was no quality lost in the way of strength and support by using a softer fabric. Impressive, to say the least.

These babies stretch nicely across my bottom half without pulling so tightly that they show off anything underneath. I’m super impressed with that.

My ONLY beef (and I do mean my only – and admittedly, it’s a small one, but I’ll mention it in case anyone is weird like me and prefers this, but takes their preferences more seriously): I wish the waistband was wider.

The smaller waist bands are alright sometimes, but I’ve grown accustomed to a thicker band and have definitely come to prefer it. I feel like small, thinner bands really bring out my mom belly and the way they tend to sit, just make me feel bloated. So that part is like, eh. BUT, many of their other styles on their site have much wider looking bands, so I look forward to trying out some of those too, because you better believe I’ll buy more from this company.

I give them an A.

Solid. Minor misses, but overall quality is exceptional.

I would definitely recommend!

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