Today’s the Day! Nurture Yoga + Barre is Open in Middleburg Heights!

Today is the day! Nurture Yoga Barre in Middleburg Heights officially opens!

I’m so excited to be bringing back one of my favorite classes to teach: Mommy & Me! Every Monday and Wednesday at noon, my own little ones and I will be welcoming other mommies and their babes to come practice yoga with us!

Mommy + Me is a wonderful way to connect mommies and babies, both emotionally and physically! At class, we’ll help our babies with simple stretches and some simple props to engage and stimulate the minds of our little yogis, while enjoying playful music! It’s a safe and structured way to engage with baby, and a little TLC for our bodies as we nurture and care ourselves with simple meditation, mindful breathing exercises, and focused stretches to boost abdominal strength and activate the pelvic floor muscles to aid in recovery from giving birth. Classic poses will be used help open up the shoulders and chest which helps when we rock and cradle our babies!
We’ll also get to meet and make connections with other new moms! Yoga class provides a safe and nurturing environment for new parents to discuss worries and concerns. Yoga is a healthy, playful activity we can enjoy together. Yoga for babies helps develop motor and sensory skills and the simple stretches and poses can help them gain self and environmental awareness. Experts believe that early activity can help little ones develop voluntary movements, which can build a strong foundation for sports, dance, and exercise later on in adulthood. Certain poses, like knees-to-chest pose, have also been shown to alleviate constipation, gas pains, and colic. And many parents report their babies sleep better after attending baby yoga classes! Can’t argue with that!
Aside from Mommy + Me, I’m also please do be leading the Warm Energy Flow on Tuesday’s!

This is an all levels class designed to leave students feeling energized! We’ll practice moderately paced, and invigorating flows, as we synchronize our breath with movement. 

I can’t wait! Come flow with me!

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