It’s Not About Looking Cool.

Do you know what one of my favorite things to happen during class is? For me to wobble or fall or even not hit the most advanced versions of poses I normally can.

Why? Because yoga isn’t about achievement and teaching is not about showing off my sweet, sweet skills.

It’s about shedding us of our egos and searching deeper within ourselves – not always to find the strength to do more, but sometimes, to do less.

I understand why that’s not always realistic as a teacher, to not be like “hey, look at me,” because we’re literally at the front of the class offering pose and flow demonstrations.

And that’s why I love faltering and modifying when I teach!

Because then my students, who are kind of forced to watch me practice see that the struggle can be so real. And then they can see that I’m still just a student, sharing what I’m passionate about and what’s changed my life, and not just up there to look cool and show off.


And as a Christian, I think I love it even more.

Sure, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

But that means I can also fail in Him and His power, which He says is made perfect in weakness, is going to be LIT, right?!

Hear me: when He says His power is made perfect in weakness, that doesn’t always mean He’s going to help you conquer the thing you’re weak at. It could mean He’s just going to allow you to live freely and shamelessly in your weaknesses.

And THAT realization, my friends, is

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