Old Navy Balance Leggings Review

Listen. If you like a deal and being comfortable as much as I do, I’ve got wonderful news.

Periodically, I like to review some of the brands of yoga clothes I try out. Not all of them turn out to be recommendations. But with Old Navy Balance Leggings, I can say ’10/10 recommend’ with confidence.

(Don’t mind the mirror smudges – the baby pulls up on everything and is super handsy).

I have been wearing Old Navy Balance Leggings for years. I have probably 4 pairs in black, two in a heather-like grey/blue, one in a heathered red, and a nice, rich shade of green. They come in a variety of lengths too, so I have cropped, 7/8, and full length.

Some even have cute detailing around the bottom, like laces or ties, and it just makes them even better (the pair in the picture are solid, full length, and have no detailing. They’re also made of cotton, so they’re ridiculously comfortable.

They also have these awesome panel waistbands which are heaven sent. They make everything feel SO secure and comfortable. But you can also fold it down if that’s your thing (or if you’re pregnant because I totally did that too).

When they’re new, they’re super supportive and definitely down-dog-approved (aka: you can’t see through them). Sadly, though, if I’m keeping totally real, after some months of regular wear and washing, they do thin out and lose my down dog seal of approval. They also lose some of their elasticity, so they’re not as supportive, but they’re still very comfortable. But that just means they’re ready to be moved from the “yoga class pile” to the “comfy pile” of leggings!

And for under $20 a piece, you really can’t beat it.

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