paying attention.

When my alarm went off this morning, I knew (and still do know) that I had every valid reason to stay in bed. In my feels, a little sleep deprived, and overwhelmed with a busy day ahead.

But after canceling my class reservation and closing my eyes, I had this nagging compulsion. ‘GO. GO. GO. This is how I need to start my day.’

So I went. I signed back up. I was here. I did the thing. And I’m SO glad I did.

One, this ol’ body gifted me with a side crow today! My first in weeks, thanks to illness & injury. It was great to feel so strong in one of my favorite types of asana again.

But two, I’ve been paying attention to my chakras lately, their imbalance/balance, and today, we were prompted to imagine a sort of energizing color as practice built up. Intuitively, orange yelled at me.

I’ve never been big into orange but it’s been speaking to me lately, and today – waking up in the feels – I was inclined to listen to my sacral chakra (the chakra associated with our emotions) to hear and meet its need for balance. For care. Or even, just for attention.

And I think there’s a lot to be said about attention. Just giving something the attention it needs or deserves isn’t always fixing it or making it better, but it does acknowledge it. It sees it.

And if that thing is your Self, or a person in front of you, sometimes that’s all that’s needed. Just.. attention.

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