navigating overwhelm.

Our feelings don’t own us, and we are not defined by them. But they can be an indicator or an alarm bell for us, our heart, mind, or body calling out for some kind of help or attention. 🧡

I loved this post about overwhelm, specifically, because I tend to overburden myself with lots of exciting “yes’s” and “to-do’s” and then I experience overwhelm that might cause me to just shut down, isolate, and fall down a rabbit hole of other negative-leaning feelings.

But lately, I’ve been trying to observe my feelings – like overwhelm – and rather than allowing myself to be consumed, just listening and looking for causes or triggers. If I’m feeling overwhelmed, chances are, I’ve got too much happening and I need a pause and a reevaluation of my commitments and responsibilities. I need to make a little action plan for myself to break up my large list into more digestible pieces. And that helps me so much to navigate the feelings, and avoid spiraling.

What’s something that helps you navigate?

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