Good Friday and God’s Good Timing.

Let’s just talk about the idea of God’s timing for a second, yeah? Because this has me a little shook.

I taught a Holy Yoga class on Good Friday, just a few days ago. This class was scheduled for months.

A little back story: during this time, in my personal life, I’ve been lazily asking God, like, “show me women like me in the Bible? Help me find women teaching and preaching and evangelizing and leading?” and haphazardly making notes to myself to ask my pastor at church, a denomination that ordains women.

I’d like to highlight that I’ve been lazy about this. I just had a baby and I’m lucky to make it to church most weeks, let alone to schedule another meeting to hash this out with someone. So I just kind of cast it up to God, and left it alone and reprioritized pretty far down the list.

But back to my yoga class.

I was bumming around on twitter and saw this tweet:

And BOOM. Instantly, I had my Good Friday message. I knew what I would talk about. And I dove off into a sea of reading and research and loved every second of it.

But this isn’t a written retelling of that message, necessarily. You can read it here. But (*spoiler alert*), I taught about the women of Holy Week, and what we can learn from the stories of these women that are so often overlooked and left unmentioned.

I would only like to pause to say that everything I was lazily asking God about in regards to women in ministry and leadership was basically answered and affirmed in my preparation for this message. It was as if the information was withheld until just the right moment so that it could be used for this event.

Interestingly enough, Good Friday was also a full moon. Last month, I taught a full moon salute class at the same studio I was about to teach my Good Friday class, and I loved it so much I even considered trying to squeeze in a moon salutations class after Good Friday yoga, but it would be too latest night for me.

I wrote a bit about the moon and what it’s salutations are and why they’re practiced. That can be found here, but the long of the short of it is that, in yoga, we traditionally practice a lot of sun salutations, which salute the masculine energy of the sun. Moon salutations were created to bring balance by saluting the moon, which is considered to have feminine energy.

So, back to Good Friday.

I had my plan for class all worked out. We’d have worship, I’d talk a little bit, and we’d do yoga. My best friend was my worship leader, and she had her songs all picked out. I built a playlist for flowing and I had my notes for my message. Usually, for class, I have a sequence in mind of poses for practice, and I just incorporate those things, but I don’t have a hardline plan because things can change depending on the needs and abilities of my students.

So we get to class, and Kelly sang like an angel, it was beautiful.

We had one student. And as disappointed as some other people might be, I felt like it was perfect. I shared my message, it was well received, and we were able to have some wonderful and insightful discussion afterwards, and it really just felt like 3 friends just hanging out.

One thing that came up, right before we started to practice, was that it was a full moon. I mentioned that I’d wanted to keep teaching full moon classes, but hadn’t been able to schedule it this month. Our student chimed in and suggested we practice our moon salutations anyway, and I couldn’t believe that possibility hasn’t occurred to me. Cutting myself some slack, I blame it on the fact that I planned to do a gentle and restorative class, but since my student, Kelly, and I were all experienced yogis, it seemed well within our limits.

So, we practiced moon salutations.
All at once, praising God with our hearts, our minds, our souls, and our bodies, saluting the moon, and paying homage to feminine energy.
On the same night that God gave me a word to share about the overlooked women of Holy Week.

Do you see what I’m seeing? I hope so. But if not…

I did not plan for Good Friday to be on the full moon obviously, or choose to speak about the women because of the moons coinciding with Good Friday. I also didn’t plan to do a moon salutation, the student that came did.

But God knew.
He knew that on Good Friday, on a full moon, I would teach about His often overlooked daughters, sisters, and mothers, about the women who were so important to Jesus, and we saluted that feminine energy.

God’s timing is crazy cool sometimes, and it’s got me SHOOK.

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